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Quality Weed Control currently serves customers throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Montana.  We continue to expand our operations beyond our existing footprint. No matter where you are, please do not hesitate to reach out to see if we can help!

Electric Substations and Power Plants

Quality Weed Control is the preferred provider for various electrical companies throughout our service footprint. We understand the unique challenges in spraying these sites in a safe and efficient manner. 

We service more than 1200 electric substations throughout our footprint including some of the largest power companies in the nation. Our decades of experience in this area makes us a leader in the industry. Despite this, we continue to strive for excellence to exceed our customer's expectations.

Rights of Way & General Commercial Applications

A bare ground or total vegetation non-selective chemical mix and application method that kills all vegetation in the defined area is typically used for various commercial applications. This type of weed control can provide complete weed control for up to 12 months. Most of these customers can also benefit from pre-emergent applications in fall months ahead of the upcoming season.

Quality Weed Control services municipalities, construction companies, warehouses and distribution facilities, storage units, and many other commercial entities.

Oil Refineries and Oil & Gas Pipelines

We provide both sterilant and noxious applications on hundreds of miles of oil & gas pipeline and complete soil sterilization at a number of oil refineries. We provide not only weed management but site data for our customers as we GPS map each location we spray.


Each year Quality Weed Control's partners complete significant amounts of onsite training and certifications in order to ensure the safe application of chemicals at these facilities. We work closely with our utility and pipeline partners to provide unique solutions for these sites.

Land Developers & Engineering Firms

These customers generally need multi-faceted weed management programs. A mix of sterilant and noxious weed programs mixed with pre-emergent applications can greatly benefit the vegetation volume on these sites.


Quality Weed Control services real estate developers both large and small and works closely with engineering firms to provide strategic weed management solutions.

Solar & Wind Energy

As alternative energy sources become increasingly more economically viable. Quality Weed Control has positioned itself to provide market leading services to these clean energy customers. We are the preferred provider for wind farms in multiple Western States and are poised to grow alongside this growing market segment.

Solar fields can pose unique challenges relating to equipment and time of application. We understand these challenges and have developed solutions to provide cost-effective applications to large and small solar sites.







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